Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

To another world I yearn to go
Far from this wicked one below,
Past the last star sparkle I see
Is a Shangri-la calling me.

Time can't treat a body unkind,
No calendar or clock to wind
Where time is a forgotten word
And only glad tidings are heard.

A place of plenty sunlight filled
And deeds of love are not stilled
In this paradise I know is there
Far into the heavens somewhere.

Fortunate souls have taken flight
To this Eden hidden out of sight,
Washed in the blood they fled ahead
And I am awash in a sea of dread.

This world is not where I belong
And I am wishing to travel along
To where sweet blooms never fade
And nevermore will I feel afraid.

There is a land with unclouded skies
Where only beauty will fill my eyes
And there is a glittering city by a sea
Where tribulations will not visit me.

Eternal life without strife is awaited,
I long for the Paradise God created,
I want to stroll those streets of gold
Living the greatest story ever told.

God's promise of Heaven holds fast
There is a Paradise that forever last,
Seen only in dreams that I treasure
Is this land of love without measure.

Lord grace me with wings for flight
Out of the shadows into bright light,
Send a cherub angel to blaze my way,
When I come home to you someday.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-27-10

Song title: "If I were Free"

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