Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Trust The Father and the risen Son
And when torments at last are done
Go rest high above your bed of pain
Where angels sing in sweet refrain.

Living has been well-worn by trouble
Each severe year they grew to double,
Your time has been sown with despair
But rest in peace is waiting up there.

Father's promise is a comforting bond
You will go easily to paradise beyond,
Unceasing repose in Heaven is assured,
Too long the agony have you endured.

It is not God's will you linger longer
On this earth you will be no stronger,
Journey on to Heaven tormented one
Rest is with The Father and The Son.

You have braved womb-to-tomb sorrow
With no forecast of a better tomorrow
But the hell on earth is ending this hour
As you take life with a higher power.

Go rest high through the stars ascend
You have fought the Devil until the end
And won the battle that raged for years,
Victorious over the arrows and spears.

See the scarred hand that reaches for you?
He knows the trouble you've been through
Go home with Jesus who is tenderly calling,
The shell that held is crumbling and falling.

I thank God for your deliverance from hell
As bedside I bid you a grieving farewell,
Journey on precious one though I am pining
Find your rest in that great city shining.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-23-10

Song title: "Near You"

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