Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Are you wasting a lifetime away
Wandering aimlessly each day
Feeling downhearted and lonely
Barely enduring the misery only.

You easily cry not knowing why
Suffering inside as years fly by
While joy only comes to others
Your desperation slowly covers.

Astray feeling loveless you stay
Buried in self-doubt each day
While in darkness you lie awake
Reviewing each past mistake.

As you stand each somber dawn
You choose to live on withdrawn
Going the same pathway traveled
That created a life unraveled.

The hard way through the years
Has taught no lesson it appears
You walk on in bitter tears alone
Feeling your self-respect is gone.

Foolishly wasted years in despair
Would have ceased with a prayer,
God Almighty is the answer sought
When life's lessons have not taught.

You can take back life's control
And find the happiness time stole,
A loving God awaits your prayer,
Your spirit will rejoice as you pair.

Come precious lamb of The Lord
Overflow life with sweet accord
Surrender your troubled heart now,
God showers love when you allow.

Your forgiving Father is calling you,
Those wasted years can be through
If you will stop crying and just listen
He offers a bright life that will glisten.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-07-10

Song title: "Wasted Years"

Sung by: Walt Mills and The Highland Quartet

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