Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~*~ Blood On The Cross ~*~

In the darkness I have floundered wandering so lonely
Feeling undeserving of God's grace I lived for sin only,
My heart was hardened and cold as stones in the snow,
I was unloved and was unwanted by anyone I know.

I deserted God and family for sins I thought thrilling
But there is no pleasure with heart and soul chilling,
My thoughts became dark and created a cold heart
The unholy worthless life I lived was tearing me apart.

Suffering in a hellhole feeling I can't journey on alone
I spun around to face my past but it was already gone
I cannot undo the harm because of bridges I've burned
And I can't wander through life by everyone spurned.

Self-loathing was my manner as I struggled every day
Looking at life through a dirty window for a clear way
But the pathway I walk is blocked backward and ahead
A lost lamb with no lifeline cries a lifetime with dread.

I long for the love of Lord Jesus I felt as a small child
When the cruel world I'm in now was innocently mild
Then I remembered the story mother read me one day
About the rugged cross and The Son on a hill far away.

Blood droplets ruby-red pooled upon spiked feet,
Crimson rivulets cross bruises where He was beat,
Piercing wounds from lances gashed open each side,
Wearing a crown of thorns Jesus hung till He died.

I shook as a cold lamb as I recalled The Bible story
And fell down to my knees before The Lord's glory
As I prayed love saved me when nothing else could
Precious Jesus Loved me when no one else would.

His nail scarred hands touched my soul this dark day
And the despair that held me prisoner was taken away,
A lifetime of bondage to sin was broken and I was free,
It took blood on the cross to get the sin out of me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-06-10

Song title: "Hail Mary"

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