Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

At a weathered church on a knoll
The last bell will toll for this soul,
Standing stately on a hill far away,
There will be my rest someday.

Someday I will join dear mother
Resting beneath the lilacs cover,
Daddy and her went home long ago,
They sleep where purple lilacs grow.

I grieved over them at the parting
As my journey of life was starting,
I knelt crying with loving affection
Then my path took a new direction.

I went wherever the sun would lead
Wildly roving with alarming speed
Roaming through life trying to find
A measure of happiness of any kind.

A naive youngster thrust into the world
I could not grasp life's story unfurled,
With no guidance I followed my heart
And seeking pleasure became an art.

Reveling in sin for joy became a way
I suffered with Satan most everyday
Trouble held me till my hair turned gray
And drowning in despair I turned away.

I knelt down and looked up and prayed
And God's grace inside has stayed,
A forgiven sinner I'm no longer lonely,
Everyday enjoyed is for The Lord only.

Soon I will be with daddy and mother
My rest is where sweet lilac's cover,
They will lay my bones in the rich loam
And I'll kiss mother when Heaven is home.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-22-10

Song title: "There Is A Fountain"

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