Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

As winnowed wheat for daily bread
We separate thoughts in our head
Pitching good and evil into the air,
Parting chaff from the godly there.

We pray to stay within views holy
Living The Bible doctrines solely
But good grain can mix with chaff
And some are lost to evils behalf.

Winds of life blow us to and fro
At harvest which way will we go?
Tempest-swept as a stalk of wheat
We sway where holy and evil meet.

We grow between right and wrong
And not always religiously strong
We backslide sometimes and stray
And lost lambs are the Devil's prey.

We don't like ourselves for sinning,
We despair when wicked is winning,
But God ingrained in us a free will
And the impulse to sin is never still.

Brimmed are we with imperfection
As we strive to go a holy direction
But frail mortals will sometimes fail,
In the perfection of Jesus we pale.

We look ever behind us at sins strewn
As many as grains of sand in a dune
And behind our timid smile we ponder
If we'll travel to Heaven up yonder.

We open the book of our sinful days
Carefully studying our bygone ways
Wondering if one glad day we'll dwell
Ever in Heaven but only time will tell.

We wonder if winged angels we will be
As we're raised in the air for eternity
And shudder as we meditate our fate
Lest we're sent through Lucifer's gate.

There are no guiltless perfect people
Outside or under any church steeple,
From mother's womb our purity fades
And pure white becomes many shades.

In-between right and wrong we grow
That is where God sowed us in a row
Perfect were His children when sown
And God forgives us sinners grown.

Fields of sinners as amber wheat waving,
Praying we look heavenward for saving,
As He gave rain to ripen wheat in the sun
The Father to save us gave Jesus The Son.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-05-10

Song title: "Here To Comfort You"

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