Satan held my feet to the flame
But it was mostly me to blame,
I forgot to remember The Savior
And was in destructive behavior.

I was so blind I could not see
The problem I fought was me,
I filled me with trials and doubt
Till there was more in than out.

I skipped along showing a smile
But was unhappy every mile,
Troubles real and imagined grew
And my cloudy mind was in a stew.

Thank The Father for The Son
Sweet redemption has begun,
In despair I returned to The Lord
And everything is in quiet accord.

Now living for me is far from sad
The Lord has cast out the bad,
Nevermore will this heart give in
And allow that evil Devil to win.

I saw the living light of the world
As The Redeemer's love unfurled,
He lit a sinless way for me to take
And ties that bind I will not break.

Great is the jubilation in my soul
Because precious Jesus loves me so
And every God blessed day I'm alive
Under His invincible shield I'll survive.

I am washed in the blood of the lamb
And a loved child of God is who I am
So let trials and tribulations shower
They are dissolved in my Fathers power.

~*~ Revived ~*~

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-11-10

Song title: "Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul"

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