~*~ The Promise ~*~

I lean on sweet Jesus for power
And get stronger by the hour
He is my ally against all harms,
I am protected in His arms.

With mercy He has gently steered
A way over each tempest feared,
He has raised me above every fray
And shielded me on a worried day.

The happiness in my soul overflows
As my love for Jesus grows,
I am so blessed through all my days
And in His grace I render praise.

The cornerstone of my foundation
And the true way to salvation
Jesus is the vibrant spirit within me
He made me who I wanted to be.

I am The Shepherd's lamb atoned
And my purpose in life is honed,
I will endure here until I live there,
Past the stars with God somewhere.

It is The Creator's promise I believe
And I'm yearning to hurriedly leave,
Heaven is The Divine's promised land,
My grand home in paradise is planned.

Heaven is my home beyond the stars
Paid with blood and The Son's scars
And in that great shining city of gold
I will prosper where I never grow old.

Where I am is not where I'm going to be
So the worries of here don't worry me,
I will trust God's promise until my end
And in winning jubilation I will ascend.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-28-10

Song title: "Through The Arbor"

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