Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Where you lie sleeping is softly aglow
It is the light of your angel I know
Watching over you struggling to return
As I sit and wait with loving concern.

I prayed in your name before I came,
It is the miracle of healing I claim,
I pray God's holy spirit enter this room
And with a touch restore your bloom.

With affection I watch you deep in sleep
And with a softened sob begin to weep,
You are in God's hands and He will save,
But I am struggling to remain brave.

A great uneasiness sweeps over me now,
If only I could heal you somehow,
If I could just see that smile on your face
I would happily take your place.

My dearest friend where you lie in bed
Would be me trying to recover instead,
I would take your suffering inside me
If our Holy Father allowed it to be.

But only God can take the misery away
And so my dear that's what I'll pray,
Until in His loving mercy you are whole
I will pray from the depths of my soul.

I can't offer you some wondrous cure
Or take from you the pain you endure
But in God's grace you will get through
And He will act because He loves you.

Someday soon you will leave this room,
we'll bid farewell to old hospital gloom,
The love of your friend is steady and true
And I wait with your angel for you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-12-10

Song title:"Remember The Lilies"

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