Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Almighty God from Heaven created this land
And grand is the creation born of His hand,
America the beautiful your splendor is known,
From the hand of God your beauty was sown.

God's mixture of pictures so variable in scope
Are panoramas from Heaven inspiring hope,
Seascapes and landscapes birthed from above,
America our Eden you were created with love.

Crystal clear lakes and valleys with streams
Are parts of The Father's beautiful themes,
Sapphire blue oceans crossing East and West
Were inspired presentations before His rest.

Majestic mountain peaks that pierce the sky
And wildflower meadows that soft underlie,
Vast fertile plains with prairie grass covered,
This rich farmland the pioneers discovered.

Throughout the mountains ancient forest rise,
Over hill and dale giant trees caress the skies,
Mighty rivers crisscross God's vistas with grace,
America made glorious your mighty rivers race.

Grasslands and swamplands resplendent to view
And cactus covered deserts where venture so few
Are landscapes planned and laid by God's hand
All parts of our America made brilliantly grand.

From southern deserts to the northern snowfield's
The picture perfect landscapes are God's yields,
From the Pacific's roar to the great Atlantic shore
America your grandeur we will forever adore.

Oh America you cannot be described by any sage
You are more beautiful with every turn of a page,
Our home is like a storybook with artwork to see,
This fine nation was a creation of God for the free.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-06-10

Song title: "El Word"

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