Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I feel I'm destined for Hell entirely alone
Then realized I've already gone,
The hellhole I wallow in is painfully real,
A prelude of the true, so Lord I kneel.

With Satan directing I've painted me black
I'm bound for Hell on a one-way-track,
Redeem me Redeemer with thy saving grace
Pull me from this infernal dark place.

Draw me from sin Lord and color me white
Rise me from the pit into the light,
Join the strewn pieces that made me whole
I seek purity for my stained soul.

I have fallen so far I've splintered apart,
Draw me oh Lord with a mended heart,
Raise me from the dust where I lie crushed,
Make the remorse within me hushed.

Let your tender mercies color me in love
I lay before you as a wounded dove,
Lord raise me and mend my broken wings
Hold me until my sad spirit sings.

Forgive me as you draw me to your breast
Let me cling tightly thy robe for rest,
Let me stand in the shadow of your shield,
Dear Savior until I am healed.

Draw me Lord with thy warmest affection
Set forth a path in Heaven's direction
Fill my blood with love that runs my vein,
Forgive in me all that is vain.

Prepare me Savior for that departure time
When the stairway to Heaven I'll climb,
Gild my outline and color in with love,
Draw me ever closer to Heaven above.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-09-10

Song title: "We Fall Down"

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