Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Trust God

The spring of youth is far behind
And I walk with a troubled mind,
In the autumn of my long lifespan
I dread the closing of God's plan.

As my time draws to it's conclusion
Thoughts muddle with confusion,
Always ending with a question mark,
My answer waits in eternities dark.

Leaning thoughtfully against a tree
I wonder what will become of me,
With the last sunset I will ever see,
Will it be inferno or Heaven's glee?

Puzzling I sank down on a leaf pile
And reflected back on my life awhile,
I have striven to abide by God's plan
But wasn't always an obedient man.

I've prayed for forgiveness and still
I glance upward with a waning will,
I want to believe I am saved but yet
I feel the breath of Satan's threat.

A sudden wind rips through the trees
Shooting skyward bushels of leaves,
They spiral upward madly churning
Like colors of flames wildly burning.

Abruptly the outburst of wind calms,
Awed I turn heavenward my palms,
Praying I stand humbled before Him
As barren as the leafless tree limb.

I believe from God a stern sign came
Bearing a mistrusting man's name,
Once forgiven never reopen that door
And I was once saved forever before.

I walked from the woods lighthearted
As though a fresh new life had started
And when God's plan for me has ended
I am promised Heaven will be ascended.

Trust in HIm
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-26-10

Song title: "I Praise You My Father"

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