Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Are you walking a pathway to doom?
Do you weary of constant gloom?
Are your shoulders laden with shame?
Are you tired of bearing the blame?

Do you lie awake nights and wonder
What villainy tore your life asunder?
Have friends and family forsaken you
Because of the wickedness you do?

Do you feel an emptiness all the time?
Do you ever know a peaceful mind?
Do you feel aimlessly out of control
And your happiness has been stole?

Looking in a mirror who do you see?
Is it the person you intended to be?
Or a face lined by regrets and woe,
Hiding someone you used to know.

You can be who God wants to see
By being who you intended to be,
What you both want are the same,
He waits for you to call His name.

He can turn your life around again
If in prayer you'll invite him in,
Kneel and ask forgiveness sincerely
From God who loves you dearly.

He will make you whole, body and soul
And give you a new path in life to go,
He will cast burdens and forgive sin,
Just open your heart and let God in.

Go to The Father for your salvation
He is the true way to sanctification,
Experience God's love and His might
And trust Him to make all things right.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-13-04

Song title: "It Is No Secret"

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