Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I weighed anchor as a young sailor
Thinking each parent only a jailor,
I sailed away to escape home rules
Thinking not me but they the fools.

I sailed on the sea of life undaunted
And for decades gained all I wanted,
I believed happiness was to be taken,
By any means or who was forsaken.

In every port-of-call I paid no heed
To others emotions or their need,
I deserted many leaving them lonely,
Demanding I be satisfied only.

I idolized pleasure and myself wholly
The charted course I set was unholy
Yet I sailed on into the next sunrise
Leaving the pained with teary eyes.

Years have passed and I'm old at last
And this decayed vessel is not so fast
I am a graybeard and much less bolder
And the spray over the bow is colder.

This vessel that holds my spirit within
Is molded of withering wrinkled skin
And I am adrift on the sea of life alone
With all hope for safe passage gone.

This aged vessel no longer sails a calm sea
There is no dock in a friendly port for me
Each time I've moored I found only pain
And so sailed once more into the rain.

I never realized what was before my eyes,
It was Satan who sailed under blue skies,
As I voyaged into life he was in control,
The captain of a defiant sailor's soul.

He gave sins of the flesh with no measure
And I deemed drink and drugs as treasure,
It was he who put me on calm sea to start,
It is Satan who pains my spiritless heart.

I pray Lord Jesus take the helm from me
Captain this vessel tossed on tempest sea,
I have sank into a whirlpool of mortal sin,
I beg for forgiveness and thy grace within.

Captain this vessel with sails ripped and torn
Cleanse me pristine as when I was born,
Father calm the sea of life surrounding me,
Forgive me Lord before I sail home to thee.

It is you Lord Jesus who knows the way home
I could never voyage to thy Heaven alone,
Before the storms of life completely overwhelm
I pray to you Jesus, please take the helm.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-14-11

Song title: "Yon Green Valley"

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