Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Lord Hard-times are here
We are steeped in fear
Enveloped by daily worry
Our lifelines are blurry.

Our labors seem in vain
With so little to gain
If any employment at all
The earnings are small.

Many homes will be taken
Or in despair forsaken
Because employment is rare
And our savings bare.

Families are torn asunder
For they're leaden under
The oppression of their debt
And every dawn is a threat.

Leaders refuse to lead today
And won't get out of our way
They hinder us at every turn
As we watch our lives burn.

Pockets empty we come to you
With prayer long overdue
For it is only you precious Lord
That can relieve the discord.

In praise from faithful voices
We pray for better choices
And plead you come to our aid
For we are helplessly afraid.

Poverty spills over the earth
There is little of any worth
And the resolution is not in us,
It is in your love Lord Jesus.

We live by the sweat of our brow
And Savior we need work now,
We stand ready with sleeves rolled,
Father let your mercies unfold.

With empty pantries but a full heart
Lord we pray for a fresh start,
It is divine intervention we need,
It is for tender mercies we plead.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-28-10

Song title: "Lord We Pray"

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