Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The pitter-patter of rain was heard
As she sat without a word
Staring at the soaked world outside,
Again the mother cried.

Thoughts raced back through years
As she brushed away the tears
So few were they her mind screamed,
Gone is the dream once dreamed.

Trembling, overwhelmed with grief
She sat staring in disbelief,
Her heart denied the cold reality
But her mind knew the finality.

Death is a sickening word she thought
And once more was overwrought,
Angrily she raised her fist and sobbed,
By death she was robbed.

Arms reached up to Heaven she cried,
Her precious child had died,
Deep bitterness became dark despair
As the mother muttered a prayer.

There was no sympathy in the feeling
That sent emotions wildly reeling,
Every fiber of her seemed torn apart,
Death has stolen her heart.

As the last evening shadows swayed
The grieving mother softly prayed,
Prayer was the only thing to be said,
Her sweet baby was dead.

Her long torment had only just begun
As she delivered to The Father's Son
Her only treasure on this cruel earth
The one thing of any worth.

Her gaze rose to the cross on a hill
And her child beneath forever still,
She drew a heart with her fingertip
As she bit down hard upon her lip.

She wrote a name on the windowpane
And staring out at the cold rain
She ask God why her child had died,
No answer came as she cried.

Outside the rain became a downpour
As she slumped to the floor,
The mother softly whispered a name,
But no one came.

The furious north wind was groaning
From the floor came low moaning,
love's flame inside the mother died,
Her heart was left at graveside.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-16-11

Song title: "Limericks Lamentation"

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