Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

When time has burned out
And your fate is in doubt
And this old world is no more
Where will you go ashore?

Will you walk streets of gold
Or feel the Inferno as told,
If salvation you keep delaying
It goes without saying.

When it's precisely to late
To redirect an awful fate
To whom will you quickly turn,
When it's time to burn.

The Redeemer will turn a deaf ear
Leaving no one to care or hear
Any anguished cries for salvation,
Your destiny is damnation.

The Judgment Day will come
And for the doomed some
The last fleet second will arrive
And sinners will not survive.

There will be no Heaven's gate
Open to the unsaved who wait,
You could pray on the Last Day
But it doesn't work that way.

There is no final warning sent
When all time has been spent
And if you aren't saved by then
It will not matter when.

Fools predict the end of this Earth
But their opinion is zero in worth,
Time will end within God's plan
And He doesn't share with man.

Ask The Lord into your life today
Pray for Him to change your way,
Plead He forgives you of your sin
And a path to Heaven will begin.

No person can promise you'll go
But your living God says it's so,
Live daily as The Bible will teach
And Heaven you will surely reach.

Options are limited for a final destination,
Go to Hell or to The Father Of Creation
And if you wait until the Last Day to decide,
Satan's place is a hellish ride.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-14-11

Song title: "I Will Sing Of My Redeemer"

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