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Those Times by Kenneth Ellison

Those Times Devide

Seek God in the times you live
His is the blessings to give,
Whether troubled or carefree
Share your worry or happy spree.

Praise God for any happy time
Thank Him for peace of mind,
If you feel like singing a hymn,
Sing out praises to Him.

Pray when times become bad
His is the comfort to be had,
God will lift those burdens away
And arrange life a better way.

Worship God when life isn't rushed,
In those times when all is hushed,
In the quiet times give Him praise
His return blessings will amaze.

Those painful times will ever arise
And pools of tears fill our eyes,
It is then The Father we must trust
To crumble the troubles into dust.

Our Almighty God is so awesome
He works miracles and then some,
He made the world and all things true
And He will work miracles for you.

No matter what times you're living
His love is forever giving,
You are His child with love unending,
Trust Him with faith unbending.

There are hard-times and times of play
So praise God for every happy day
And when burdens on you heavy lay
Turn to Him and He'll never turn away.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-11-11

Song title:"Beautiful Valley"

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