Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Imagine all the people if you can
Living in fellowship with man
Imagine only peace shore-to-shore
Where there is conflict no more.

Dream a land more beautiful than any
Where the great wonders are many,
Where only harmony would ever reign
And no one covets another's gain.

In a daydream make a grand place
A country the world will embrace
And God will rule this wonderland
Placed in grace by His hand.

Just imagine this heavenly creation
Living in freedom as a nation
With unbending God given rights
And life as a citizen delights.

What if under the banner of God
No other nation would dare trod
And to a Constitution we'd adhere
Treasuring it's words forever dear.

In a fabulous land of make believe
No one would want to ever leave
For over this entire planet Earth,
No other nation would near it's worth.

A married couple will respect each other
And honor their father and mother
Children will be taught The Golden Rule
And God would be welcome in school.

Neighbor helping neighbor will be nice
In our land free of corruption and vice
And of dark shadows we'd never fear
In this wonderland we'd revere.

This dreamland we can imagine together
Protected by God could stand forever
We can name it after one we used to know,
We'll call it America as it was not long ago.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-14-11

Song title: "Flowers Of The Forest"

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