Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I weep like a lost motherless child
Crying out into the wild,
In a forest of nowhere I am made bare
Bewildered I cower there.

I have crawled amidst the dark trees
In bramble I've wounded knees
I am challenged like some bad dream,
Lost within voices that scream.

Naked before God and man I stand
Emotions burning as desert sand
Redeemed by God for sins of the past
While the condemnation of man last.

This forest of humanity I am aimless in
Holds no merciful forgiving of sin
I am labeled wicked by each wooden face
I am unwelcome in their holy place.

The purity of a newborn God restored
As I forgave myself tears poured
For what good my time on this earth
If I appraise me as little worth.

In this wilderness I wander made pure
Rebuked by stern judging I endure,
Trees cannot see inside me is only love,
My sinful past is what they think of.

I plead to some branches unrelenting
Stark scorn in staring eyes glinting,
I know those jutting from the family tree,
The love I poisoned cast stones at me.

I will have snow-white wings someday
Gods' light will shine where I lay
And my broken spirit will mend as I rise,
Far from the pain of scornful eyes.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-01-11

Song title: "Broken Spirit"

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