Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In the ranks of the unemployed
Living is no longer enjoyed,
Your family depends on your pay
But that's been stripped away.

Times in life can be a stormy sea
But that's not all it will ever be,
There is hope in the darkest hour
From a friend with godly power.

Poverty can lash you to the mast
And create desperation that last,
When hard-times enters the door
Hope is dashed on a rocky shore.

Through hardships faith is strained
Until every dawn rising is pained
But God is a beacon of eternal hope,
Your lifeboat is still afloat.

Though your pantry is barren now
And dues must be paid somehow
Trusting God to order your stride
Is the first step to restoring pride.

When almost all money is gone,
And you've never felt more alone
And you have no clue on what to do
God will cast a lifeline to you.

Your heart and soul today is ailing
But God provides for clear sailing
He will hold you in times of badness
And ease you through the sadness.

When in need we are all the same
In prayer we call out God's name,
There is a bridge over tempest sea,
The toll is prayer on bended knee.

On Earth there is no perfect plan
By mere mortal woman or man
But through those unemployed days
God will show the right pathways.

Unemployment your dignity can rob
But God will guide you to that job,
Answers to hard questions with Him lie
And your tempest will calm by-and-by.

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 10-11-11

Song title: "Jesus Is The Cornerstone"

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