Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Good News by Kenneth J Ellison

Good News in Greens and Blues

The news source is very reliable
It's pure truth is undeniable,
My source of news is Heaven sent
To alter lives being misspent.

Inside is news bulletins for today
The Book will show a fresh way,
When you're feeling less than zero
The Bible offers a shielding hero.

The bad news is you dilly-dally
Lingering down in the valley,
The good news is Jesus is there
And your burdens he will bear.

Rise up above the mountain-top
With Jesus the misery will stop,
You can't climb mountains alone,
Walk with Jesus the path shown.

The bad news is you have sank
Your daily life is in the tank,
Good news! There is expert help
And a prayer is the first step.

The bad news is you'll stay mired
Realizing nothing you've desired
Until you know the truthful news
And accept The Bible's good views.

The bad news is mortals will waver
Even though their in Gods' favor
But the good news is when you fail
Prayer is the mode for safe sail.

The bad news? There is indeed a Hell
But there is glorious Heaven as well
And for those who's Savior is Jesus
That's the good news for all of us.

Circle News BulletinCircle News BulletinCircle News BulletinCircle News BulletinCircle News BulletinCircle News Bulletin

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 02-22-12

Song title: "There Will Be A Happy Meeting In Glory"

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