Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Guardian Angels by Ken Ellison

Footsteps with the slightest sound
Merely rustles across the ground
Wouldn't be heard by a mortal there
As she glides lightly thru the air.

Light moving over the forest floor
Glows the woods as none before,
Nearly blinding it would be to the eye
If a human saw the globe pass nigh.

Legions of white-hot lights in a light
Like fireflies with a design of flight
Fill the sphere with a flashing display
Transforming the night into day.

A stillness falls over the winter wood
Therein a view not to be understood,
Amidst the glow a winged angel stood
And every creature knew the good.

A force not seen or heard throughout
Was felt so strongly it seemed a shout,
A mute message from Heaven was heard
And the angel heeded God's word.

Obedient to the divine bidding she rose
Like a shooting beam of light grows,
An innocent child somewhere is pleading
And she flew as a thunderbolt speeding.

A new guardian angel now with the child
Is protector for one so pure and mild,
Matched for a lifetime the two shall be
Until the last of God's children are free.

Somewhere in the vastness a childs' cry
Brought a shielding angel from the sky
Who was sent by God to answer a prayer
As our guardian angels everywhere.

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 02-22-12

Song title: "Angel Standing By"

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