Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There is quietness over the glen,
A chilly autumn settles slowly in
And like a leaf dying in the wind,
My journey has reached it's end.

I listen to the mourning sounds
Of loved ones gathered around,
Around my bed they softly weep,
They're here for my eternal sleep.

Do not grieve for me to long
For I am only going home
And we will meet again one day,
I'll be waiting to show the way.

Where the leaves lie to ground
Dear ones will lay me down,
Behind the weathered old church
Neath the leafless trees of birch.

They will mourn my passing away,
They will bow their heads and pray
But we'll all meet again someday,
Somewhere beyond the Milky-Way.

Though this hour is marked my last
And my thoughts are fading fast,
Of crossing over I have no fear
For God's angel whispers I hear.

Soft wings gently brush my brow,
A velvet darkness cloaks me now,
I smile knowing what joy is ahead
As an angel raises me from bed.

Carry me tenderly into the light,
Oh heavenly angel take flight,
Bear me up on snow-white wings,
My blithe spirit joyfully sings.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-17-04

Song title: "More Precious Than Silver"

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