Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Brothers and sisters everywhere
Are you laden with much to bear?
Are you weighted with sins guilt
And weary of the you, you've built?

Then listen for our happy singing
For it's wellbeing we are bringing,
Jesus is coming around the curve
With the pardon you deserve.

Just get on the righteous road
Shed your sinners heavy load,
We're walk 'in with sweet Jesus,
Won't you come join us?

Travel 'in down the Lord's path
We're freed from Satan's wrath,
Sanctified and purified by Jesus,
Won't you come join us?

Our burdens are washed away
We march to a brighter day,
Walking in the light of Jesus,
Won't you come join us?

There's no trials or tribulation
On this roadway to salvation,
We're safe in the love of Jesus,
Won't you come join us?

We left all our worries behind
On this road to peace of mind,
Just give you burdens to Jesus
Then joyfully come and join us.

We're bound for eternal glory
To complete the Bible story,
Guided by The Shepherd Jesus,
Won't you come join us?

We'll linger for a little while
Before we walk that last mile,
We'll wait for you with Jesus,
Please hurry and join us.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-19-05

Song title:"Double Dose"

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