Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Pain is behind my clinched eyes
But the dark holds no surprise,
The pain proclaims my demise,
I wait behind clinched eyes.

That soft whispering I know
Is an angel saying time to go,
My life's story is flashing past
I'm going home at last.

In this my life ending hour
I lay in The Lord's power,
Easy in the grace of His love
As an angel hovers above.

I give myself to God in prayer
And I know He'll take me there
Into the brightness of His throne
Where Heaven will be my home.

No more braving life's strains
No more a frail body's pains,
Never again suffering will I bear,
My rest is with God up there.

Old age has stricken me down
I'm bound for higher ground,
Rivers of sorrow flow no more,
Soon through stars I'll soar.

My silent voice cries hallelujah!
God I release my soul to you,
Angel bear me up gently away,
I've prayed for this day.

Lord Jesus at the midnight chime
Let it finish my earthly time,
Let death's angel make thy flight,
Take me thru the bright light.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-05-04
Song title: "Sweet Hour Of Prayer"

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