My Prayer For You

My Prayer For You by Kenneth J Ellison
My Prayer For You Divide

May you live in God's grace each day
And His love comfort you in every way,
May nights be filled with restful sleep
And a guardian angel protect and keep.

May God bestow you good health
And provide you sufficient wealth,
May happiness overflow your cup
And the delights of love fill you up,

May your clouds have a silver lining
With bright beams of hope shining,
May God deflect your hurt and pain
And fend off troubles that strain.

May every day you're on this Earth
Be filled with good will and mirth,
May there be no heartbreak at all
And never a bad memory to recall.

May you accomplish all you want to
As God showers blessings on you,
Never suffering a loss but only gain
With every goal you strive to attain.

May the seas in your life be serene
And God fulfill your fondest dream,
May you sail under skies bright blue
As Heaven's angels navigate for you.

May God's light be upon your face
As you live serenely in His grace,
May any stormy times be far behind
And you always have peace of mind.

And when your mortal life is through
I pray God sends an angel for you
To transfer you to Heaven's door
Too dwell in paradise forevermore.

My Prayer For You Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-30-04

Song title: "Keeper Of Dreams"

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