Count Your Blessings Divide

Count Your Blessings by Kenneth J Ellison

You may not have worldly wealth,
You may be enduring poor health
But no matter how bad things are
There are others worse off by far.

If you were born into a dictatorship
You'd know suffering in a cruel grip
Never seeing a doctor for your pain
And ever in poverty with never a gain.

Many are born in a cardboard shack
In the slums of a city under attack,
What if slums was where you must bide
With no place to run, no where to hide.

Just consider the blessing to be born
In a land not savagely war torn
Where you scavenge daily for bread
While bombs explode overhead.

You have little and life seems bleak
And constantly of misery you speak
But what if you existed on a street?
Freezing with nothing to eat.

No pillow to rest your wearied head,
No quilt for the cold nor a bed,
You last ate from a garbage heap,
Your bitterness and hunger run deep.

Problems keep you awake at night?
You feel life's not treating you right?
And it's all just a bore to go through
But at least no one is trying to kill you.

What if war raged just outside your door
Spreading savagery and nothing more,
Perhaps your worries would seem slight
If given a gun and ordered to fight.

If you could never hear the song of a bird
Instead gunfire was all you heard
And the songs you hear are of the dying,
Neighbors killed and babies crying.

You complain God doesn't hear prayers
Because He hasn't resolved your cares,
What if you were born where they proclaim
There is no God and ban his name.

But you were born where there is choice
In religion and speech you have a voice,
You are an American and it's a blessing to be
Born with opportunity and liberty.

Sometimes problems seem to overwhelm
But The Lord is at America's helm,
In His light America the beautiful towers
In God's grace lies our enduring powers.

Let freedom ring and Almighty God save
Our liberties under Old Glory's wave,
Holy Father beyond the last glistening star
Lend your mercy to those worse off by far.

We complain a lot about what we have not
But should be thankful for what we've got,
God never promised a life of ease anywhere
But living is much better here than there.

Count Your Blessings Divide
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-19-04

Song title: "America The Beautiful"

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