Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Tears pool in my swollen eyes
At midnight with no surprise
It's just us in a moonlit room,
Familiar shadow dancers loom.

They've come to play once more
Behind my bedroom door,
Shadowy waltzers slowly dance
Embraced in lusty romance.

Dark dancers in my bedroom
Shown off by a silver moon,
Seem to laugh softly at my being
As a foolish jester they're seeing.

They tremble and boldly sway
Mockingly with carefree play,
Using the ceiling over my head
As a ballroom while I cry in bed.

Moonlight through the windows
Paints acting figures as shadows
Dancing through a lover's waltz
On the ceiling and down the walls.

I lay restless on your satin pillow
As window curtains billow,
Casting shadows in this lonely place
And in each image I see your face.

If only you had returned today,
There is so much I want to say
But here I lie alone at the dance,
Watching wispy shadows prance.

If only I could rise to waltz with them,
To dance with you again on a whim,
If I only knew why you went away
Leaving only me and the shadows to play.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-20-03

Song title: "We Were So Close"

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