Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I look for her in crowded places
Carefully scanning pretty faces,
I watch for her out on the street
Daydreaming of a chance to meet.

I've seen her among the many
A million times or so if any,
I've seen her in stores and malls
And saw her vision in the halls.

I think of her in early dawn light
And often dream of her at night
Thoughts of her haunt my reverie,
I hold her image deep inside me.

I've given her many new names
Naming her has become games,
Just when one name seems right
Thoughts put a new face in sight.

I've missed her these many years
And from time to time with tears,
The ache in my heart won't go away,
Her shadow is with me to this day.

Through my blissful married time
I've wanted a baby girl for mine
Now I'm much to old and jaded
But my dream has never faded.

A pretty little girl to call me dad,
How I miss the child I never had,
I sometimes think of her for awhile,
When I see my granddaughter smile.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-13-04

Song title: "My Elusive Dreams"

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