Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Woman, I love you that's true
And I'll not soon get over you,
The desire is hot there's no doubt
But I tire of all you shout about.

All you do is rant and scream
My life is a long bad dream,
Your tirades and tantrums begin
Anytime you see me walk in.

When I want to go a round or two
I have but to come home to you
And on weekends I hide from sight
To avoid the upcoming fight.

After marriage you became a shrew
And nitpick everything old and new,
You rub past mistakes into my face
And squall I'm a complete disgrace.

You belittle the measly wages I give
Though there is enough to live
You stare at my payslip leering sickly
Then squander every penny quickly.

Throwing things is your pastime joy
As you scold me like a little boy
Yelling you'll teach me a thing or two
Because alone I don't have a clue.

With hair on end you look a fright
As I brace for the regular night fight,
When your eyes fill with hate and spite
I know I'm in for another rough night.

I hope you enjoy this night at home
Because tomorrow you'll be alone,
Your scapegoat is gonna take flight,
This is your last chance for a good fight.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-27-04

Song title: "Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello"

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