Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~*~Lifelong Lovers~*~

Long ago we met at the county fair
Our destines entwined there,
You were so lovely in that pinafore,
I could not have adored you more.

My heart belonged to you always
In a moment at the county fair days,
Your choice pies won ribbons of blue
And since that day I've loved you.

Two teens In love married so young,
Much to young according to some,
It will never last is what they said
But fifty years later we're still wed.

As soon as our honeymoon was over
We built a home in a field of clover,
Our happy walk through life began,
Two dewy-eyed lovers hand-in-hand.

We've been together always it seems
And you're still the girl of my dreams,
I thank God for every beautiful night
You're here for me to hold tight.

Through all the years of our happiness
Not once did we experience loneliness,
Side by side we were always together
On a walk through life to last forever.

Fifty happy years have come and gone
The kids are grown and we're on our own,
Best friends and lovers the rest of our lives
And you still bake those blue ribbon pies.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-21-04

Song title: "Ookpic Waltz"

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