Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

She blew in like an unexpected rain
With an allure no one can explain,
Something about her enticed men
No matter where she was or when.

A sirens little secret lies deep under
That lures the wayward to blunder,
What mystery is hidden deep within,
Beneath flawless alabaster skin.

Her sultry smile can mellow a fellow
Breaths quicken and come shallow,
Just her caress with no word spoken
And their sleeping desires are woken.

Sparking eyes as diamond dewdrops
Can melt hearts or cause teardrops,
Her bewitching stare can hypnotize,
A green-eyed wink will mesmerize.

A glossy picture of elegant grace
Extreme make-up paints her face,
In garments of teasing see-through
She's amused at what silly men do.

Fools yearn for her alluring charms
Longing to be held in sensual arms,
Daydreaming of a warm fantasy night
Of perfumed skin and candlelight.

She shook the small town to it's core
And made wife's and sweethearts sore
Before packing to depart in a hurry
In the middle of a gossiping flurry.

No one knew her background history
The beauty remains a shady mystery,
She left mystifying just as she arrived
And hardly a man in town survived.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-14-04

Song title: "Strangers In The Night"

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