Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Morn mist lies dewy on the glen
So too lies my sweet Mary Lynn,
My pining heart lies e'er aside her
Neath fragrant lavender heather.

Warming sunlight will glow no more
O'er the glen's heather laced moor,
My sweet Mary Lynn's died away
Oh alas! My most sorrowful days.

I cannot abide the pain of loneliness
I shall ne'er again know happiness,
My sunshine o'er the glen is gone,
Dreaded is my worthless life alone.

Sweet Mary Lynn I yearn for thee
My bleary teary eyes cannot see
And my broken heart shall e'er be
As I loathe to forever being lonely.

Mary Lynn are ye in Heaven now,
Smiling from upon whitest cloud?
Can you sense my love for you yet?
I plea you dearest one not forget.

I shall ne'er know love any more
My Mary rest by the dank moor,
My heart cries out o'er the glen
Only then to echo me back again.

If Heaven or Hell be her new home
Then there too this heart belongs,
Soon may I rest neath the heather
With my sweet Mary Lynn forever.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-27-04

Song title: Unknown to me

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