Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I can see you gracefully walking
And hear you softly talking,
I smell the sweetness of your skin,
The moment you enter in.

You come in dreams late at night,
Romancing until daylight,
Enchanting me with your charms,
I hold rapture in my arms.

The very nearness of you excites,
Dreamy nights with you delights,
Veiled emotions rise to new highs
When I gaze into your eyes.

When dreams of love come to me
Your beautiful face I see,
When forever love is the theme,
Of you I always dream.

When I lay my head on my pillow
Worries of life become mellow
Because thoughts turn to you love
And the happiness I'll dream of.

You are the woman I truly adore
I couldn't love you more,
The vision in my dreams came true
The moment I met you.

I waited a lifetime for you it seems
To come and fulfill my dreams,
The day you said hello sweetheart
Filled the desires of my heart.

Dreaming of you is delightful dear
But I long to hold you near,
Hurry home soon light of my life,
Return soon my darling wife.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-26-08

Song title: "No More Lonely Nights"

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