Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You're the sunshine in my world,
My beautiful sweet sassy girl,
I adore you more than life it's self
But you can be a pesky little elf.

The years we've been married
Our talks have been harried,
No matter what thing we discuss
It ends in a bickering fuss.

Subjects in earshot and eyeshot
Blend in our give-and-take pot,
I do the giving and you the taking
On any theme points I'm making.

From large details to the small
We can find no harmony at all,
Unless we discuss just weather
We can never agree together.

You say wrong! When I'm right!
If I say black you say white,
To disagree is your pure delight
'Cause I think you enjoy the fight.

Around and around we always go
To persuade each other it's so,
No matter what hot topic we're in
You'll keep going until you win.

We can forever agree to disagree
Because my view you never see,
I just give in and let you win again
To watch your foxy little grin.

Our debates always end the same,
They become an undercover game
And you know you'll be the winner
'Cause it's bedtime after dinner.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-10-08

Song title: "Maggie"

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