Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I met you and I could not speak
You smiled, my knees grew weak,
I trembled as you touched my hand,
You said hello, I could hardly stand.

As you looked deep into my eyes
My feelings I could not disguise,
A rosy blush covered my cheeks
And my heart quickened it's beats.

You spoke and I hung on every word
As if your voice was the first I'd heard,
Emotions welled from deep inside me
As I listened to your soft voice intently.

I felt to be in another time and place
As we stood there face to face,
I was puzzled by an unknown feeling
As new desires sent my mind reeling.

It seemed like I'd knew you forever,
As if we'd always been together
And before our meeting was through
I knew I was in love with you.

Life is beautiful since you came along
And now I'm happy where I belong,
In your embrace I was meant to stay
Glowing with love forever and a day.

I will always be grateful to your sister
For introducing the two of us mister,
She is still my best friend of all
But nowadays I call her sister-in-law.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-15-04

Song title: "I Love How You Love Me"

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