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Growing Together by Kenneth Ellison


You were the cute girl next door
Age four and I hardly more,
Soon you were a best friend to me,
Where you were I wanted to be.

I thought I'd surely found Heaven
When I kissed you at age eleven,
In high-school you were prom queen
And I your shy king at seventeen.

At age nineteen I said I love you
And you whispered I love you too
And a year later was our marriage
Then came the first baby carriage.

At age twenty-three we moved in
To a new home in the green glen
And it's been paradise for decades,
A love nest of joy that never fades.

At fifty the last child left home
Into the world alone to roam
And we faced old age hand in hand,
Exactly the way fate had planned.

At sixty we renewed wedding vows
Beneath the fragrant lilac boughs,
Giggling as newlyweds on their first day,
It has forever been this way.

Through all the pages of a lifetime
You're still the best friend of mine,
A loving wife and passionate lover,
And there could have been no other.

"~*~ "Growing Together" ~*~

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-05-04

Song title: "La Mentira"

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