Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Rings and things and wedding bells
First shy kisses and wishing wells,
Fairy tale romance and magic spells
Warm embraces and moonlight sails.

Walks and talks and dinners for two
Bouquets of flowers and places new,
Cards and letters and telephone calls,
First dates and mates and gala balls.

Holding hands and sighs and happy cries
Joyful hellos and reluctant goodbye's
Knowing glances, romances and marriage,
Balloon rides and a horse drawn carriage.

Dreams and schemes and wedding plans
Breakfast in bed and marching bands,
Drive-In shows and diamonds that glow
All night talks and emotions that grow.

Candlelight and moonlight and weekend trips
Quaint restaurants and champagne sips,
Always together forever and ever and desires,
Honeymoons, wedding nights and lusty fires.

Cupids wings and heartstrings and stars above
Never wanting to part and living with love,
Of things love and romance I thought I knew
But that was before I met wonderful you.

I see love from both sides now
All my notions were an illusion somehow,
My thoughts of romance, love and things
Cannot describe the happiness your love brings.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-07-05

Song title: "Let It Be Me"

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