Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I sit in our darkened bedroom
It will be daylight soon,
Sunbeams will enter the window
Dancing shadows over your pillow.

Your fragrance still fills the air
Your beautiful face is everywhere,
Your sweet laughter yet lingers
As I touch the ring on my finger.

Your picture sits across the room
Taken where your roses bloom,
Staring at the pretty picture so new
I feel the warm nearness of you.

I hear your voice whisper to me
Saying goodbye for eternity,
Whispers of loving tenderness
Echoing our years of happiness.

I kneel beside your favorite chair
And cry out to God in prayer,
I am grieving so completely alone
Since angels took you home.

I plead with God help me now,
Please ease my pain somehow,
Though I know you're at His side
Why did you go and I abide?

Placing your bible in my hand
Before your photograph I stand,
I vow in Heaven we'll meet again
And faithful I'll wait until then.

We'll soar the heavens you and I
And ride a cloud through the sky,
I'll hold you in my arms forever
When paradise we share together.

I turn to stare at the doorway
You were carried thru that day,
Bitter warm tears run my cheek,
My heart aches so, I am so weak.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-24-05

Song title: "There Goes My Everything"

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