Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Why are you always so dang sad
And all the time treat 'in me bad?
Why do you mope about all day
Grumble' in you just can't stay?

I built you the finest of shacks
Away from the railroad tracks
On the edge of the boggy bayou
Just like you'd expect me to do.

I made you comfy cane chairs
Tied with braided horsehair's
And a table of maple tree stump
I sawed from a gnarly clump.

I built you a beaut of a wood bed
For you to rest your pretty head
Out of willow limbs so it can't rust
And a mattress stuffed with cornhusk.

I bartered for you a pregnant sow
And a cross-eyed spotted milk cow,
I stole you a red rooster and hen
And a tin bathtub to wash in.

I built you an outhouse of cedar
A strong splinter free two seater
And I hung corncobs on the wall
For when there's no paper at all.

I'm sure to have a job this spring
And think of the money it'll bring,
Why you could even buy clothes,
Depending on how quick it goes.

I've made a beautiful home for you
And filled it with the finer things too,
You should be as happy as could be,
So why are you gonna leave me?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-02-05

Song title: "Colinda"

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