Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

My persistent problem is gone
And so for now I'll be alone.
Sure I'll be lonely for awhile
But that won't erase my smile.

He came into my life with charms
And too soon I was in his arms,
He became one large headache,
His disarming charms were fake.

We had a promising beginning
But beginnings have endings,
Love died like a bud on the vine
As he crushed this heart of mine.

My friend warned he was no good
And break my heart he surly would.
Her repeated cautions I did not heed
As he broke my unwary heart indeed.

He trampled all over my feelings
Sending my frayed emotions reeling,
The cheating and lies grew in size
Until the love died before my eyes.

Our romance ended as it began
With a charming smile he soon ran
To the next woman waiting in line
And he'll break her heart like mine.

I'm hurting but I'll be all right
At least my life's not a fright.
My persistent problem took flight
And I count my blessing each night.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-11-05

Song title: "No One But You"

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