Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Bedside candles warmly glisten
As I lie waiting and listen,
Thoughts of her bring a smile,
So beautiful strolling that aisle.

Softened sounds of splashes
As my bride leisurely washes
Arouses a freed imagination
And heightens anticipation.

A warm bath scented as roses
Perfumes where she reposes,
Fragrance enters the bedroom,
She will join me soon.

Candlelight's flickering glow,
Mood music plays softly low,
Shadows move over my skin
As flames of desire rise within.

Satin sheets of crimson red
Lie rumpled upon our bed,
Visions of her fill my head,
I anticipant the night ahead.

A perfumed night by candlelight
Fantasies thrill and delight,
Rising me to passionate heights
As I soar on romantic flights.

Sounds end in the bathroom
She will come to me soon
Scented with rose-water perfume,
Our wedding night is in bloom.

Entering the room with a pose
Her gown moves to expose
Long legs golden from the sun,
Our night of fantasy has begun.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-06-05

Song title: "I Need Your Love So Bad"

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