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All time stands still
And for certain will,
Until you return to me,
Times frozen eternally.

Thoughts, only daydreams,
Patterns of unreal seems
To hold my mind embraced
By stark images of your face.

Your dream faces smile,
They comfort but awhile
Then loneliness returns
With old familiar yearns.

Fickle desires kindle anew
In constant dreams of you,
Up they rise as hot flames,
Before smothered by shame.

Motionless, my being is held
As if a wizard has spelled
Beginnings and endings to be
Until your face again I see.

Drab days seem endless,
Sleepless nights restless,
I wait for new dawn's light
Clutching your pillow tight.

Emotions wildly out of control
No thought of mind consoles,
My trusting heart is broken,
You left with no word spoken.

Perhaps you'll return to me
I'll have to wait and see,
Held in time's motionless haze
I drift into dreams hopeful daze.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-02-05

Song title: "Ayeka"

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