Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

**~ Someday ~**

Seasons come and they go,
I love you heart and soul.
Months fold to hollow years
And still I'm waiting here.

I've waited hopeful for signs
You'll return my love in kind
But in vain I wait, lost in time
Your love is a fantasy of mind.

Precious times we're together
I always wonder whether
You ever loved me at all,
If you said so, I can't recall.

You come home then leave
With barely a word to me,
Treating me as if I don't exist,
I can't remember our last kiss.

You don't listen as I speak
When your attention I seek,
When I have something to say
You only smile and look away.

You look but you don't see me,
You listen but you don't hear me.
Our lives mingle but not as one,
My dreams are being undone.

You come to bed long after I do
And I'm hesitant to touch you,
When I awake you are gone
And once again I'm alone.

I crave your love desperately
So I'll wait ever patiently.
Maybe in time you'll love me too,
With all your heart as I do you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-09-05

Song title: "I'll Be Loving You, Always"

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