Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Good morning to you dear,
It's sure beautiful here
With the trees bloomed out
And pretty butterflies about.

I had to visit you once more
Our long talks I so adore
And It's only here I can find
Any small comfort of mind.

I feel I could talk for hours
And I brought you flowers,
As blue as the bright skies,
To match your beautiful eyes.

The flower garden is in bloom
Just outside our bedroom,
They are so pretty in spring
But need the love you bring.

I miss your loving caress too,
Life is so hard to get through,
In every thought you are here,
Your beautiful face ever clear.

Talking with you brings ease
But then is gone as a breeze
For when I go I'll leave alone
As you lie ever neath the stone.

Daily I miss you more it seems,
Nightly you fill my dreams,
Each hour is lonelier than the last,
Each moment an eternity to pass.

Together dreams will have to wait
Until we meet at Heaven's Gate,
Then our dreams will begin anew
With forever to see them through.

Wait for me darling along the way
I will find you again someday,
You'll turn and I'll be there,
Someday in the stars somewhere.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-27-08

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