Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You swept me off my feet completely
With every word you lied so sweetly
Until I was fooled by your charms
And took you into my lonely arms.

I thought our love would last for life,
I dreamed someday I'd be your wife
But it was a foolish dream of heart
And my dream has shattered apart.

I gave you all a woman in love can give
But in your coldness no love can live,
As I lay planning a wedding each night
You were planning your heartless flight.

I yearn for your knock on my door
But you won't come here anymore
Yet I still wait for the phone to ring,
Just one of your many on a string.

Though in heartache I still want you
After all you've put me through,
Though I know the affair has ended
And your love was only pretended.

My heart is broken and my pride,
You took me on a heartless ride
With cruel mind games you played,
Now you're gone but the hurt stayed.

Someday you'll know just how I feel
When you've find a love that's real
Only to have her break your heart,
Just like you've broken mine apart.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-13-05

Song title: "Game Of Pretend"

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