Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I picked a pretty rose today
Beside the winding pathway
Where once we used to stroll
With our blanket to the knoll.

I paused to reflect awhile,
Memories afford no smile
Heartaches visit me anew,
My teardrops as roses dew.

So fragile this delicate rose
Yet it's beauty boldly glows,
So too my love brightly shown,
Embers glow but you are gone.

This rose seems one of a kind
Perfection in natures design
As our love seemed last spring
When you gave the betrothal ring.

Only yesterday that seems to be
When you ask to marry me,
So sweet your vows spoken,
Every promise you have broken.

Here at the roses along the way
You stole my heart that day,
Your flowery words enchanted me
As you proposed on bended knee.

As certainly as roses need rain
I would take you back again,
Though my mind would say not to,
My heart is still in love with you.

Withering is the delicate blue rose
When plucked from where it grows
So too my fragile heart you've taken,
I wither alone, forsaken.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-07-05

Song title: "Barbara Allen"

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