Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Haunting eyes black as coal
They pierce deep my soul,
Raven black gleaming hair
Adorns a cheating beauty rare.

A teasing tantalizing smile
With full lips that beguile,
A voluptuous body held tight
Satisfies by soft candlelight.

With imagining eyes I see
A vixen's vision before me
And like a lovesick fool I wait
For my beautiful play-mate.

I wait excitedly in solitude
The amorous interlude,
Delighted at the possibility
Of a night filled with ecstasy.

I listen for the sound of a key
That will bring her to me,
I wait for a rustle at the door
And footsteps on the floor.

Mind games my thoughts play
I'm mystified over why I stay,
I despise the secret life we live,
She has only heartache to give.

Yet I wait for her with anxious joy
As a child awaits a birthday toy
Acting out bedroom scenes in mind
With an angel of the dark kind.

There's a soft rustling at the door
Telling me she's here once more,
The sound of the key thrills me
Filling my foolish heart with glee.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-17-05

Song title: "Sweet Dreams (of you)"

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