Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~*~For Better Or Worse~*~

Our marriage is a lifelong ball
We're gonna say and do it all
And when it's all said and done
We'll just begin again honey-bun.

Some years have come and went
And we're only a bit bent
With a few wrinkles here and there
But you're still sexy in underwear.

Though time has taken its toll
And we're look 'in a little old
You'll always be beautiful to me,
A red-hot momma is what I see.

You've always knew what to do
To make me chase after you,
Just a cute wink and shy smile
Still makes bedtime worthwhile.

We're both getting older it's true
But by golly we're not through,
There's a lot of live 'in left to do
And a lot of love 'in for us two.

So lets put old age on the shelf
And bring me your sexy self,
Let me plant a kiss on that face
And give you a lifelong embrace.

I love you now and always will
Though we're a little over the hill,
Just let those golden years begin
We'll stick together till the end.

It'll be just you and me babe
And by gum, we've got it made
So never mind a few winkles,
The old love light still twinkles.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-20-05

Song title: "McClellan's Meadow"

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